How To Increase the Crawl Rate For Google Webmaster Tools

With the speed increase of the technology, the world is going to be developed and In blogging field, very minor things are calculated and avoided but some concepts are always very useful and major so as to get the high success in blogging area. In blogging, we write an article with a good niche but the niche only be helpful if you make it more visible for Google as well as other search engines and moreover for the population. The fast indexing makes this possible for the blog to get good success. Best Website Design Company In Canada – Ekdent Media in an interview said, For the high indexing, Google crawlers must crawl your site fastly and with the good crawl rate. This makes your site more visible to the search engines and makes your way for the best indexing and helps you to increase the organic traffic. Now first of all I want to explain:

What is Crawling and Crawl Rate?

Ans: Crawling is a process which the Google bots take to index the articles from any site. Google sends its robots to scan your site and update the content you have been recently updated in the search engine. Crawling is also been explain the process of indexing new changes you take place in your blog. Fast crawling makes your site faster and more visible in the search engines.

Whereas the crawl rate is the rate at which the Google bots scan your site for the indexing and the rate at which Google crawl the deepness of your site. Crawl rate very much matters in the speed and visibility of any site. Crawl rate can be increased in some ways from which these are the simple and exclusive ways for the Crawling speed increment. That is what paid bloggers to want.

Here is also a type of crawling named as Deep Crawling. Means the crawling takes place due to the interlinking of the articles. As we use internal linking of articles for increasing the page views of your site  and what the google need is the articles must be interlinked with each other for the deep crawling which increases the crawl rate as well as SEO of your site

Tips To Increase The Crawl Rate :

1) High Site Uptime: Use the web hosting with the 99% uptime guarantee so your site remains high and up when the crawler comes to your site to crawl the content of your site. The web hosting thus must be from a high-quality server.

2) Internal Linking Of Articles: Internal linking of your articles is also a very important thing which must be there to increase the crawl time and crawl rate of any site. More be the internal linking of the articles more be the crawl rate of your site and more by the time Google bots spent on your blog and thus more be the speed of the crawling of your site as well.

3) Post More Articles Daily/Update Previous Articles Time By Time: Posting more and more articles daily will keep the Google bot be updated for your site so as to index your content fastly on the search engines. More be the article updates more be the indexing speed and thus greater be the crawl rate for your site as well as it will be good for your SEO. As there is one thing which I want to say that more be the crawl rate more be the Google scan your content and thus more be the SEO takes place for your article and you will get more optimization.

4) High and Fast SEO: If your site has high speed and well-developed SEO then this will also be some helping hand for increasing the crawl rate of your site as. Google bots due to High SEO as well as high traffic will come to your site after a short interval of time and makes the way for you to increase the crawling of any site as well.

That is what I have observed on the blog to Get high optimization so If someone has Any other tips for the high crawling Speed Can post the comment for the visibility of his/her Ideas/Tips.

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